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FAB Copywriting Architecture

Create A High Converting FAB Copy Block.

Copywriters Kit

This is a Features - Advantages - Benefits Copywriting framework to help you boost your website conversions.

This is a detailed pricing structure for the F.A.B. Copywriting Framework. 

This framework is designed to help owners and executives boost website conversions by highlighting the Features, Advantages, and Benefits of their products or services.

1. Feature:
- Product: Feature Analysis and Enhancement - $79
- Service: Feature Copywriting and Integration - $149
2. Advantage:
- Product: Advantage Identification and Articulation - $89
- Service: Advantage Copywriting and Positioning - $169
3. Benefit:
- Product: Benefit Mapping and Messaging - $99
- Service: Benefit Copywriting and Optimization - $179
Package Pricing:
- Basic Package: Includes all individual products - $229
- Pro Package: Includes all individual products and related services - $549
B2C Business-to-Consumer:
Basic $229 Pro $549
B2B Business-to-Business:
Basic $229 Pro $1,099
Please note that these prices are for a complete package and will be adjusted based on your specific market and target audience. 


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