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Hello, This is Gary B Wright (aka) Gary B Sales.

 In the 20th century of the year 1997, something unimaginable happened to me. I was denied from graduating or receiving my B.A. degree. 

A university I attended had accused me of plagiarizing someone else's work. They were, claiming that I had stolen it from a teacher I had dated. It was devastating how quickly the administration turned against me. There was no access to legal help for me at all, as if the system was broken for me, but why?

It felt and seemed like they were trying to sabotage my future, to keep me from finding a good job. I soon lost faith in that system of education, but felt trapped because of the accumulated student loan debt, with no hope of any ROI. The only thing I had going for me were my copywriting skills and an introduction to a computer and the Internet.

During those dark times, it seemed like everyone and everything was against me. I couldn’t even find a lawyer to take my case on contingency. It felt like a constant battle, as if I was fighting an unseen force trying to claim my soul. 

To survive, I had to work under the table, behind the scenes for a lot less money and hide my true abilities because a university and a teacher had given me false hope and had stolen my ROI - a degree.

In the meantime, I invested time into the Internet and slowly transformed myself into learning to do business online. I eventually developed a multi tasking dual identity, as if I was preparing for digital business opportunities in the 21st century. 

I couldn't help but think back to my time in the military, where I had secret clearance and was using AI as part of a special weapons team. It was there that I first became familiar with the potential for business independence, use of technology and the assistance of artificial intelligence.

Now let’s cut to the chase. An outdated education system decided to side with the lying teacher from a very bad relationship. I shared private information with that terrible teacher I had the extreme misfortune of dating. She knew about my military past and used my skills against me. 

She was scornful by ruining my chances for gainful employment in the 20th century. But now, this journey has led me to having business on the Internet using Web 3.0 to prove and protect my skills with a global website, in this digital age. 

As I reflect on my story with you, I can't help but marvel at how that journey led me to branding in the digital market which has become essential in the 21st century.  

I can now use and navigate my sales copy and content marketing expertise on this new landscape successfully. I am making you aware of my journey using my storytelling strategies, tools and techniques which are protected from plagiarism. Let us prepare lead generating details to your story and multiply conversions today.

Digital Market Brand B2B & B2C sales copy and content marketing has lead generation stories that sell. We provide ROI copy & content of value so you can manage your business to thrive, make sales and profit. 

Providing expert sales advertising throughout the B2B2C markets. ROI niche market lead generation stories that connect as we move from the industrial age to the digital. 

I'm eager to show you what our sales copy & content through storytelling can accomplish for your entity. Visit and see how we can brand you and your niche entity in the digital market, without needing a B.A. degree or anyone’s approval:


In a marketing world where AI and humans compete for supremacy in sales copywriting, Digital Market Brand emerges as an exclusive source to generate sales and profits. Led by Gary B, this B2B2C sales copy & content marketing business recognizes the growing trend of AI-driven writing systems.

However, our brand copy and content shows that successful marketing requires more than just algorithms and data-driven approaches. Our brand understands the power of human creativity, experience, and exclusive storytelling in capturing and engaging audiences.

The Challenge:

Digital Market Brand faces the challenge of competing against technocratic systems that utilize AI to scale their sales copywriting profits. While AI offers efficiency and scalability, it lacks the human touch and emotional connection that resonates with audiences to make purchases.

“Gary B” recognizes the need to combine the best of both worlds - AI-driven scalability and human ingenuity - to create a unique approach to b2b & b2c brands by using SEO and Sales Copywriting.

The Solution:

Digital Market Brand has embarked on a journey to disrupt the market by offering sales copy and content that blends AI-driven scalability with human creativity. The brand developed three key strategies, tools, and techniques to achieve this:

1. Education-based Marketing:

Digital Market Brand recognizes that educating their target audience was crucial to building trust and credibility.

The brand implements a content strategy focused on providing valuable insights, tips, and resources to beginner, intermediate, and advanced marketing prospects.

By positioning the brand as (education-based marketing) thought leaders, Digital Market Brand has established themselves as a go-to consultancy resource for the B2B & B2C audience.

2. B2B Sales Copywriting and Ghostwriting:

Understanding the unique needs of B2B clients, Digital Market Brand leverages AI-powered tools to generate high-quality sales copy quickly.

However, we also recognize that human empathy is essential to tailor the messaging to the specific needs and pain points of each client. Our team of skilled sales writers complement the AI-generated content, ensuring a compelling and persuasive final product.

3. B2C Content Marketing/Consumer Brands:

Digital Market Brand B2C copy and content realizes the power of storytelling in capturing the attention of the consumer audience. The research, the Lead Generation, the SEO, can craft engaging narratives that resonate in prospects niche target markets.

This enables sales products and services to utilize the emotional appeal and human connection that AI alone can’t replicate. By leveraging a combination of AI and human creativity, Digital Market Brand B2C creates content that not only educates and entertains but also drives conversions that scale.


Digital Market Brand's innovative approach to sales copywriting yields impressive results. By combining our B2B & B2C methods with AI-driven scalability, plus human ingenuity, our strategies, tools and techniques are able to:

  • Increase engagement and brand awareness among targeted audiences.
  • Generate a significant number of high-quality leads for B2B & B2C clients.
  • Drive conversions and sales for B2B & B2C brands to boost profits.
  • Establish brands as niche industry thought leaders, attracting new clients, and partnerships.


Digital Market Brand's success story highlights the immense potential of combining AI technology with human creativity in sales copy & content. By embracing the art and science of storytelling, they have set a new standard in the industry, challenging the notion that AI alone is the future of marketing.

If you're looking to save money, increase your sales and revolutionize your marketing approach to captivate your audience with a unique blend of AI and human ingenuity, Digital Market Brand is the copywriting team you need, guaranteed.

When is NOW a good time to talk about your sales copy and content ROI's? Contact us at: [email protected] if you have any further questions or any other results I can assist you with.

To Your Success,

Gary B Wright


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